About Pierre

Pierre Schreyer was born in Paris, France and moved to California when he was three years old. He had an uncanny ability to make people of all ages feel comfortable, and he never missed an opportunity to make you laugh.  Always the problem solver, with a smile on his face, Pierre made people feel welcome and supported.  He was a proud French speaker and loved his French heritage as a true Francophile.  

Pierre was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma at the beginning of his junior year of high school in 2013 at the age of 16. He proved to be a fantastic fighter and surprised everyone with his tenacity and strength. Loved by so many around him Pierre was admired for his warmth, generosity, humor, and ability to laugh at himself. Even when he felt at his worst, he would still crack sarcastic jokes and make everyone in the room smile. He always put others before himself.

Fighting his own battle, Pierre never lost sight of the other kids' struggles and needs. After spending his 17th birthday in the hospital, he came up with the idea of the Pierre Birthday Fund. 


During his treatments, Pierre always focused on how he could make things better whether it be by merely acknowledging the staff for their dedication and hard work or be it by designing the hippest chairs to be donated to every room on his immunocompromised wing, so visitors had a place to sit.   

He started Pierre’s Birthday Fund at Children’s’ Hospital Oakland, after spending his 17th birthday there, so children and teens who spend their birthdays in the hospital will get a personalized gift and a little party to commemorate the moment. His support for child life did not stop there; he also helped fund new BINGO prizes, as well as new video gaming units on wheels for every floor of the hospital. Pierre’s understanding was that many kids couldn’t avoid being in the hospital, that some treatments were tough, and small gestures sometimes made all the difference.  When Pierre passed away in 2015, we moved to receive 501c3 status for Pierre’s Birthday Fund to carry out his vision to support children struggling with their health. 

Our organization’s purpose is to enrich the lives of Bay Area children hospitalized with severe, life-threatening illnesses, and establish a lasting legacy to remember Pierre’s fight and determination as well as his sense of selflessness.    

Our core program is celebrating every child’s birthday in the hospital, as well as the supplies and staff needed for massage and acupressure therapies, weekly closed-circuit TV Bingo, Beads of Courage, and art therapy.

Photos and Videos Documenting Pierre's Life and Fight With Cancer